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MENT is a decision making platform for teams in an agile world. Teams use MENT to collaborate on business questions to reach credible, actionable decisions.

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How are trusted
decisions made?

MENT applies AI on collaborative, moderated discussions to reach credible decisions at speed

You Define Your Question

You define
your question

Ask any business-related question to kick off the decision-making process

We Collect Viewpoints

We collect

We bring all of the relevant voices and data together in a single collaborative
decision room

We Filter the Noise

We structure
and moderate

We push a structured discussion forward and pinpoint areas of controversy and consensus

We Focus You to Decide & Act

We focus, you
decide & act

Our AI surfaces the most credible options so you can make a confident decision

We work where you work

MENT offers seamless integration with the tools you already use to make it simple to get up and running. Start making trusted decisions right on your Slack channels, and get set for more integrations coming soon.

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